Dainty Diamond Doves

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Why Diamond Doves?

There is nothing so relaxing and heartwarming as watching a pair of exquisitely beautiful miniature doves cuddling together and listening to their soft cooing. Diamond Doves have soft, delightful coos, especially the males, and are a joy to listen to.

They are one of the easiest of all birds to raise, and one of the most delightful to have in a home.

Unlike many other exotic small birds, they are seed-eaters and do not require special diets. A good quality finch seed mix, fresh water, grit and extra calcium are all they really need, however there are other items which they will enjoy.


Their soft cooing is indescribably lovely and soothing; and watching a pair of Diamond Doves cuddle and feed their 2 babies is an incredible experience. Want something to lessen the stress in your life? Something delightful to listen to and look at?  Something easy to take care of? Something a heck of a lot cheaper and better for you than the (too often prescribed) anti-depressants?  Consider the Dainty Diamond Doves.  :-)